bitcoin and Biden ordinance

We all expected it a bit, after the uncertainty deriving from the crisis in Ukraine had contributed to bringing Bitcoin back below $ 40,000 and the rest of the sector to losses, albeit diluted, close to double digits, at least compared to the highs of just over. 2 weeks ago.

Concern about Biden’s ordinance, which is expected to be made public between now and tomorrow, appears to have finally been overcome. And it was thanks to a leak, or to the mistaken or unauthorized dissemination of the contents of the ordinance itself.
And the good mood is back, or rather, one of the ghosts who were sowing terror seems to have finally been defeated.

Leak in the night: the Biden package will not be

Joe Biden’s ordinances, although branded with the Homeland Security stamp, will not impact the future of Bitcoin and the freedom to use and trade it.

According to the leaks that circulated overnight (apparently by mistake), it will be a reorganization of the competencies of the main agencies that deal with supervising the markets and monetary policies, so as to have a clearer framework on who can regulate what. There could also be a division of the market into different sub-sectors, thus trying to identify those tokens and coins that could be considered as securities, or financial securities and therefore under the control of the SEC.

Nothing new, one would say, even with regard to stable coins, with the main projects such as Tether that will have to comply with the transparency obligations for which in reality they have already been preparing for some time. Of course, this is a leak and therefore information that will still have to be confirmed in the next few hours (publication today or tomorrow is expected). However, overall excellent news for the entire sector, with Bitcoin having returned abundantly above $ 41,000.

What to expect for the next few hours and days?
The Ukraine-Russia issue will continue to keep investors busy, also due to the implications, it is having on the commodity market. That Bitcoin has held its own is certainly an excellent signal from which to restart with a positive outlook in the medium and long term.

However, it is difficult to think that there will be no room for great volatility in the coming days, especially when the news coming from Washington is clear and confirmed. There will also be an important peace talk that could take the right step towards semi-normalization also for the markets. Obviously, what matters most is an end to the hostilities that unfortunately continue to occupy the news.

And the markets, already in turmoil for some time, are waiting for a sort of return to normal. However, it is difficult, given that all the issues present even before the war in Kiev remain on the table.

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