We have already analyzed the question between the US Congress and politicians and the world of cryptocurrencies. We also did so by reporting the strong opinion of CZ of Binance, which rightly refused to block accounts on the basis of nationality and in the absence of legal obligations in this regard.

The issue, however, is more complex than that and the winds (and the consequent communication) in wartime could open a useful opening for the attack of the whole sector. The crypto world is divided in two, between those who reject any kind of collaboration and those, like Ripple, who are instead weaving a web to be part of the decision-making process.

Ripple pro-regulation
Ripple bets on Congress – “we are inside too!”
A complex issue that will not fail to trigger controversy but which could also have interesting implications in terms of price for $ XRP, an intermediary that today overall offers 55+ crypto lists, all chosen from those with greater prospects for the future.

Ripple wants to seize the ball: “Together with the congress to regulate crypto”
That Ripple’s stance was different from that of the majority of the industry shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone anymore. Ripple operates in a highly controlled environment, where integration with banks is in full compliance with the rules imposed in terms of KYC and AML.

The group already collaborates with various governments (also in Europe) and obviously has a financial interest in the regulatory issue, being precisely one of the protocols that lend itself more easily to a more restrictive framework.
While we understand the concerns expressed by Senator Warren, Russia faces enormous difficulties and obstacles in using cryptocurrencies to circumvent sanctions. Many people within the crypto world (including Ripple) are proactively working with congress to intelligently regulate the digital asset space, preserving innovation and protecting consumers. This is not the “Wild West”

This from Susan Friedman, who has a prominent role in Ripple’s management and who in the last part of her Tweet referred to a disputed phrase used by Gary Gensler, leader of SEC, that institution that is still pending a lawsuit. right against Ripple.

Ripple continues on its way: this is how it will continue to move

The Ripple doctrine shouldn’t be difficult to understand. The group has never had problems, on the contrary, it has constantly sought clear and recognizable integration in the world of banking and international payments. To obtain this status, he has always pursued a softer attitude towards regulations, aiming to become their kingmaker.

The future of Ripple will also be played on these events in terms of price. And since we are among those who believe that the $ XRP line, at some level, will prevail, we are bullish on the short and medium, and long-term future on this cryptocurrency. Which we also reflect in our Ripple forecasts.

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