rublo down

The conflict weighs on the performance of the stock exchanges. Milan opens lower, then resets losses mid-session. Similar situation also for the other European squares. Ruble down, trading at 122 against the euro. The Moscow Exchange remains

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to affect the performance of the global economy as well. Oil prices still rising on the commodity markets: crude oil for April delivery changes hands at $ 109.87 after also touching $ 110, an increase of 6.25%. Brent with delivery to

May is trading at $ 111.39, an increase of 6.12%. The Milan stock exchange opened lower. The first Ftse Mib scored a -0.38% at 24,270 points. Weak start also on the other European lists. Then, in the middle of the day, the Squares eliminated the losses. The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed down sharply (ALL LIVE UPDATES).

Weak ruble

Meanwhile, the ruble continues to lose ground against the euro and the dollar, and on the Moscow stock exchange – which is still closed today – it is trading at 122 on the euro and at 109.5 on the dollar, as reported by TASS. And some of the major Russian groups listed on the London Stock Exchange are now worth almost zero through depositary receipts, certificates representing the shares of foreign companies. Gazprom drops 97.2% to 0.021 dollars: the depositary receipt of the Russian energy giant was worth 5.58 dollars on the London list last Friday, the last day the Moscow Stock Exchange was also open. Sberbank is no better, falling 94% today to 0.01 dollars (Friday 25 February it was worth 4 dollars). Lukoil marks -97.6% to 0.25 dollars, Rosneft -68.5% to 0.85.

Corn price at its highest since 2013 in Chicago

It’s not just oil and gas prices that fly. On the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), the corn futures jumped to their highest level since 2013 (+ 1.79% to $ 738). The future on wheat is also still running, reaching over 10 dollars per bushel, that is the bushel, the international unit of measurement which in the case of wheat is equal to about 27.2 kilograms.

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