sony and theta nft 3d

Sony also enters the world of NFTs and does so in collaboration with Theta, a very popular network in the blockchain sector as it offers the possibility of accessing decentralized video streaming. An important partnership, since it involves one of the most important groups not only in the media, but also in the production of consumer hardware.

And it is precisely in this second area that the partnership between the two groups will develop: 3D NFTs will be created that will serve as a launch for Sony SRD, the newly designed Spatial Reality Display from the Japanese company.

Sony theta NFT – SDR analysis
Sony and Theta together for a series of NFTs
Excellent news for Theta, which could also capitalize on this opportunity in the medium and long term.

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Sony and Theta together for a series of NFTs: that’s what’s on the table
The news is important for Theta, a network that, due to some technical problem at the end of 2021, quickly disappeared from the radar even of specialized magazines. The agreement includes a series of NFTs that will be used for the launch of Sony’s SRD, a tablet-style device that allows 3D visualization of graphics and even their manipulation, for a much more realistic experience than we are used to. see today.

A device still not for everyone – we are talking about a price of $ 5,000 per unit – with the NFTs that will be distributed through ThetaDrop. All within a promotional maneuver that, according to Sony’s intentions, will soon bring the initiative also to the Metaverse.

The NFTs offered by Theta are just the latest of the ways we use to demonstrate our rapid journey within * metaverse-friendly technologies.

This is commented by Nick Colsey, who is Sony’s vice president of business development. With a device that, in the use of metaverse could actually make a difference in how we are going to use virtual worlds.

Great news for Theta
With the group that has already been the stage for the launch of various historical NFT collections, with the participation of great public and entertainment figures, such as Kate Perry.

An important step forward today with the collaboration with Sony, which for the moment will end with this series of NFTs. But who knows if in the future Theta will be able to snatch more substantial collaborations for its core business, which remains that of decentralized streaming, a sector of interest for Sony, which is however a company also active in the production and distribution of media. For a path that could actually revolutionize the sector.

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