STEPN to earn tokens while walking and running, it is necessary

$ GMT Green Metaverse Token Analysis

Among the best of the week, within an already interesting overall market movement, we find STEPN and its $ GMT token, a very special run-to-earn system that is also enjoying the boost of launch through Binance.

The token that earns impressive sums in the short term and that we will have to analyze to decide, as always independently whether to consider it for your trips to the market or not.

A little gaming, a little metaverse, a little NFT: here is STEPN

We can find it already in purchase and trading on Binance
Actually, the ingredients of STEPN’s recipe are different. Let’s start with an App, which tracks our walking movements and therefore our physical activity outdoors.


While we train – or simply choose a healthier lifestyle – we can accumulate tokens, with an incentive therefore for a healthy lifestyle that is not the only interesting point of this system, which mixes gaming on the chain and attention to our body. and our health.

In fact, to earn tokens while walking and running, it is necessary to buy shoes from the marketplace of users, each with its own characteristics. A system that also recalls Axie Infinity in this sense, since it is also possible to “reproduce” the shoes and then use them or resell them.

The related App is already available for both iPhone and Android and can already boast a large group of fans and users. The prices for the shoes? At the moment it is very little under the 9.5 $ SOL, which in addition to being the blockchain on which the project runs also offers the reference token for the market.

Within the App, we can also open a wallet and transfer not only the project token, that is $ GMT, but also USDC and precisely $ SOL. Very interesting system, with a rather high floor price and which could perhaps over time become more democratic and incorporate even more users.

A shoe rental system should also be available shortly, which will allow more people to get closer to this universe.

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System still early: is it worth investing?
In our opinion, the ingredients for the success of this protocol are all there. Now it will be up to those who manage the project from a commercial point of view to try to grow.

Watch out who should enter the token now, after such an important growth. There may be corrections and anyone who is not ready to trade either way should take the appropriate precautions.

For the rest we can only confirm how interesting this project is – and how it is one of the most successful in the interactions between the outside world and the blockchain. For those who want to earn money by running there is an important investment to make, but the possibilities offered by NFT sneakers could also become very relevant in the next few weeks.

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