STEPN to earn tokens while walking and running, it is necessary

The complete GMT of cryptocurrency

STEPN, the project n. 28 of the launchpad on Binance. This is the first move2earn NFT game provided by Solana. The STEPN team won the Solana Ignition Hackathon Gaming Track and was invited to host its first Crypto racing event during the Solana Lisbon Breakpoint Conference.

STEPN has a dual token system, Green Satoshi Token (GST) gaming token and Green Metaverse Token GMT governance token.

So let’s see what exactly STEPN is? Blogtienao will also provide information on the IEO GMT and how to participate.

What is STEPN?

STEPN is a move to earn NFT mobile game powered by Solana. Users equip themselves with NFT as Sneakers. By walking, jogging, users will earn currency and use in-game or withdraw fiat to earn profit.

NFT sneakers can be upgraded and come in different types and qualities.
In the game aspect, STEPN aims to push millions of people towards healthier lifestyles, fight climate change and connect Web users3.

It also covers the SocialFi aspect with the aim of building a lasting platform that promotes user-generated Web3 content.

Similar to play2earn, the move2earn concept was conceived by the STEPN team in August 8. In just 2021 months, the team fixed many bugs such as GPS accuracy, mobile resource management and anti-fraud mechanisms.

What is special about STEPN?

STEPN provides various game features like sneaker updates, shoe minting, mystery boxes, custom NFT, etc.

STEPN uses token rewards to incentivize users to train daily and improve their fitness levels.

Additionally, STEPN has some of the following special highlights:

STEPN creates a whole vertically integrated ecosystem that includes an in-app wallet, exchange, and marketplace to make the app intuitive to use.
Gamers with no knowledge of Blockchain can get started by renting NFT Sneakers for free. The system offers a free trial. After saving enough tokens, they can buy a pair of NFT trainers and start their journey.
According to a project report, STEPN has reached 21k Daily Engaged Users (DAU) and 66k Monthly Engaged Users (MAU) as the current STEPN app is downloadable from the iOS AppStore and Google Play Store.

Project products

Solo mode
In Solo mode, users are equipped with NFT sneakers to earn tokens as they move. Energy is needed to earn GST. Each 1 Energy equals 5 minutes of movement.

The energy begins to replenish only after the user has acquired the NFT Sneaker. To begin, the user selects a shoe of their choice and presses “ENTER”.

NFT Trainers and Gems: NFT Trainers can be leveled up by burning tokens. Users can add attribute points and NFT gems to the shoe to increase its performance.

Mint and shoebox
By putting two NFT sneakers together and burning some tokens, users can mint a Shoebox.

In rare cases, 2/3 Shoeboxes for a cost of 1. Opening the Shoebox will give the user a casual NFT sneaker.

NFT Marketplace: where users trade their NFT, Shoebox, Gems sneakers on Marketplace. Users can also rent sneakers here for free.

Wallets and Swaps: Users can purchase cryptocurrencies through the Binance portal; exchange tokens with other cryptocurrencies and send, deposit tokens / NFT.

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