In the United Arab Emirates, the world’s first city entirely reproduced on metaverse is born. It is Sharjah, capital of the eponymous emirate of over a million inhabitants, which becomes Sharjahverse on the Multiverse Labs platform

A project strongly desired by the Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority of great aesthetic impact, but above all of great social utility. The virtual city is not only a meeting place for avatars but offers jobs and economic opportunities for companies in the hospitality sector first and foremost.

This is also a sign of the extreme commitment in the Emirates to the crypto, NFT and metaverse world, a commitment that will also have important financial implications for the best projects in this sector.

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Sharjaverse: the first city completely on the metaverse

Sharjahverse is the first city to be fully reproduced in what is being called the world’s most realistic metaverse. This is how Cliff Szu, CEO of Multiverse Labs, presents the project initiated by Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) and boasting the best artificial intelligence and photorealistic rendering currently have to offer.

Emirati hub
This is what Emirates is trying to achieve
The statements come from the main technology partner entrusted by the local authorities to reproduce Sharjah on the metaverse. A city of around 1,200,000 inhabitants, and the capital of the emirate of the same name.

Over 2,500 square kilometres are reproduced with extreme fidelity and open to the public, which will be able to visit the Museum of Islamic Civilisation and the other facilities of the capital, the historical and cultural centre of the United Arab Emirates par excellence.

We are rethinking the tourism industry on new standards, with sustainability as a founding principle. Sharjahverse will offer visitors customised experiences, access to almost every place in the city and a higher level of entertainment. We will leverage artificial intelligence and photorealism to promote Sharjah’s excellence.

These are the statements of Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, Chairman SCTDA, who cites the importance of the technologies deployed by Multiverse Labs, a platform that can count on the support of NVIDIA Inception for the development of the artificial intelligence behind the project.

Emirates also invests heavily in crypto

An ambitious project on all fronts, and not only on the strictly technological front, which is also cutting-edge. The avatars, for example, are generated from images of real people, and the AI system seeks to reproduce models of social interaction. The real content of the city will do the rest, with Sharjah having always been a tourist destination for those who want to discover the art and culture of the countries in the UAE area.

A project of excellence that will offer jobs mainly in the hospitality sector, and comes in an area where citizens are already highly accustomed to the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. More than 11% of residents use and own crypto assets, and 67% of them are willing to invest in contiguous scenarios.

One of these is undoubtedly tourism on the metaverse, of which Sharjah is a happy forerunner on a global scale. Metaverse seems to be taking shape as the new El Dorado in the eyes of the many companies and institutions that are increasingly deciding to invest in it, ready to get their hands on the five trillion dollars that the sector is expected to generate by 2030.

And when it comes to institutions, the UAE area offers the most shining examples in this regard, with Dubai betting on Animoca Brands to realise the most pharaonic metaverse investment project ever undertaken by a state institution.

We have mentioned many times the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, which should bring the entire UAE area economic benefits of enormous relevance, confirming Dubai as a crypto hub of international reference, and with positive repercussions on the projects that are born in the very rich neighbouring territories. And with Sharjahverse, we are beginning to see the first concrete examples of the application of this technology even at an advanced urban level.

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